Our Unique Process

Your mission is to make a difference. Our mission is to help you develop a financially rewarding digital presence and online program(s) and that convey your expertise and your heart. As your holistic digital partner, we’ll guide you through our unique, 9-step process — developed from insights of doing over 100 launches — to innovate and deliver world-changing new products and programs. Here’s what working with us is like.

Stage 1

Explore Your Passion

This is the phase where we really get to know you. We get started with a brand questionnaire that helps us understand how you talk to those you teach — what to say and not to say — and how you want to be seen in the world. Meanwhile, we dig into why you do what you do, and what you most want to be doing to bring your gifts to your students. What excites you to share? What lights you up to talk about? We want to hear about your struggles and your vision for the future. If applicable, this phase also includes interviewing your team. By the end of Phase 1, you may even be getting to know yourself in a new way!

Stage 2

Clarify Your Audience & Their Transformation

During an in-person strategy day, we deepen our partnership by helping you identify and map your customers’ needs, wants, and pain-points. Together, we clearly articulate the transformative path that your teaching will guide them along. We’ll use what we’ve discovered so far, including from surveys of your customers and our own market research, to ensure we’re speaking the right language to your community, bringing your best gifts forward, and emphasizing the most important things about your offerings.

Stage 3

Map Your Digital Strategy

As our strategy day continues, we combine listening with our hearts with an MBA-style approach to craft a digital plan that will contribute to your overall mission and vision. At this stage, we’ll discern our concrete goals for working together and prioritize them, then put them on a calendar. We’ll have our eye on helping you reach more people, grow your online presence, build your email list, realize more revenue, and build a lasting legacy —for your whole business, not just your online products. By the end of day, you’ll likely be pumped for what’s possible.

Stage 4

Curriculum Development

As we develop new digital products and supporting materials, you get to focus on what you know best — the content that will serve your community — and leave the rest to us. We create a launch map and agree on dates and deadlines, help organize your modules, and bring your best content forward. Questions we’ll help you answer include: What’s most useful to the audience? What products and add-ons will we bundle together? What would keep people from enrolling? What bonuses could answer the barriers to purchase? We’ll combine our expertise in product creation and launch with your knowledge of the content to detail an online presence that serves your mission and is lucrative.

Stage 5

Video Production

This is where the course content is actually created, as we guide you through a world-class filming experience for your course videos, either in our studios in Boulder, CO, or in another appropriate location. We understand how stressful it can be for teachers to perform in front of a camera; that’s why we’re experts at creating a safe, comfortable filming environment that supports you to authentically manifest your gifts. In two days of filming per module, we help you with camera professionalism and guide you in how to translate your expertise into a format that’s digestible online. Then we edit everything into membership-ready chunks.

Stage 6

Create Your Online Course

Next, we create a branded, easy-to-use website for your online program. We pride ourselves on building custom platforms that deliver a high-quality, on-brand experience to your customers. While learning from the successes of every past launch, we take the time to really think out what you want to deliver and how to do it in the best way. If we’re confronted with a new need, we’ll build a new solution. During this phase, we book dates for any live calls, and continually send you material to review.

Stage 7

Sales Automation

Meanwhile, we do all the work of creating a complete email funnel, offer map, and sales page. This is the nuts and bolts of convincing people to buy your product, the path that can bring them from having never heard of you to becoming raving fans. It’s absolutely critical for launch success. It’s also the part most teachers hate, which is why we do all the heavy lifting. We create everything you need to prepare for a successful launch from start to finish, from social media posts to automated email series to affiliate programs to the sales page and order form. We make sure your customers and prospective customers will get all the right information at the right time. All you need to do is review and approve the work from our team of marketing experts, designers, and copy-writers.

Stage 8

Platform Launch

After thorough testing and review, the big day arrives: we launch the membership site and/or course. During a launch — the period from announcing the product until sales close — we’re continually right at your side, adjusting our strategy as needed to respond to what we’re learning from audience reactions. Using the sales funnel we’ve already prepared, we typically help you enroll hundreds of students in a new offer and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenues.

Stage 9

360° Support

We’re here for you through launch and beyond to support you and your customers with an assigned tech and customer support team that helps you facilitate a world-class membership experience. You can just show up and teach, while we handle: technical support for live calls and webinars, last-minute changes or edits, customer support including a dedicated inbox and live chat on the sales page, and more. And of course, we’ll keep letting you know how it’s all going, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Stage 10


Many of our clients work with us long-term to create launch after launch as new inspirations, partnerships, and opportunities arise. The longer we work together, the more we deepen as a true creative partner in serving your community, keeping them engaged, and bringing them back again and again. We believe in our clients and in the transformation they’re bringing to the world, and because of our teacher-friendly, profit-sharing business model, our success is your success.

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