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I have been working with Authentic Presence for over 4 years now and they have created a phenomenal online presence for me. They are top experts in every area of digital marketing and a rare breed combining strategic brilliance, results and heart.

Dr. Diane Poole Heller CEO, Trauma Solutions

What We Do

At Authentic Presence, we help leading experts, trainers and content creators own their own creative endeavors so they have direct access to their audience and profit from it.

In particular, we thrive on helping experts design and implement six-figure online courses that attract a committed global fan base.

In the process of building your online presence, endless opportunities arise on your own terms to interact with your audience and fully monetize your creative genius. AP works with some of the leading training organizations in the fields of psychology and spirituality.

Are You Ready to Launch?

You’ve been around the block teaching and you have a loyal following. Maybe you’ve worn out the workshop circuit and it’s time for a change, or maybe you just want to make a bigger splash and reach more people.

You know that online courses can be extremely lucrative and it sounds great to teach from the comfort of your home. You know that the world needs to hear what you have to say, now more than ever.

You are ready to launch. You and your organization are exploring your options: hiring or training a marketing department, getting a consultant or coach to guide you, or simply signing on with a publisher to do all the work for you in exchange for most of the profits. But something doesn’t resonate about the marketers you’ve talked to, perhaps the digital world is a little overwhelming and moves too quickly and you feel invisible, and you don’t like the idea of selling out a majority of your profits to someone else.

That’s where Authentic Presence can help you. We are a hybrid formed of digital strategy expertise and full-service marketing implementation. Our consultant fee is a fraction of the cost of a marketing department, we do everything we can for you, and we have inverted the classical publishing model with our profit sharing—you get to keep your money, your time, and your integrity when selling to your audience.

We deliver:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Impact

  • Authority

  • Email Marketing

  • Online Product Launches

  • Social Media Marketing

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