Our Team

Brian Spielmann, CEO and founder of Authentic Presence and Retreat Institute, has over 12 years of experience producing online and traditional marketing strategies for organizations focused on planetary sustainability and personal development. A 1970 Keep America Clean commercial depicting a Native American crying on the side of a Los Angeles freeway continues to serve as an inspiration for him. Brian collaborates closely with industry experts and their organizations to refine and elevate their message, growing revenue, reaching new audiences, and reducing cultural barriers. 

Brian has a passion for helping experts and conscious organizations discover untapped markets and cultivate relationships with new participants. With his MBA in business (University of St. Thomas) and degree in environmental engineering (University of Maryland),  Brian has a unique combination of skills and knowledge that will take your marketing to the next level.

Ian McPherson

VP of Operations

Ian is a digital marketing strategy consultant, master of the software stack, licensed acupuncturist and classical  vocalist. What excites him most about Authentic Presence is the privilege to be of service to our extraordinary clients by giving them a platform to spread their wisdom.

Asa Henderson

Content Director

Asa manages the creation of course content, from curriculum development through video production and editing. He is hooked on the power of online learning to change lives and amplify the voices of people with knowledge and wisdom to share. 

Katy Neisler

Membership Coordinator

Katy’s specialty is to streamline and improve the online membership experience. She is dedicated to using her talents to make wisdom accessible to the masses online. When not working on creating world-class membership sites, you’ll find Katy reading tarot, taking photographs, working out in the gym, or enjoying yet another coffee.

Erik Castro

Customer Service Manager

“Holding down the front lines of communication” is Erik’s specialty. For program questions or technical assistance, he is there to help!

Megan Lott

Copywriter & Social Media Content Manager

Felix Levy

Video Technician and Webinar Operator

Sawyer Macres

Video Editor and Filming Assistant

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