Authentic Presence Studio Rental


From Online Membership Sites and YouTube videos to Sales Webinars—and everything in between—Authentic Presence provides affordable solutions for your video projects.

Conveniently located in North Boulder, the Authentic Presence office has a fully equipped video studio and production crew.

For the first time, our studio is available for Experts, Small Business Owners, Non-Profits, Motivational Speakers, Authors, etc.

In the past few years we have worked with Terry Real (Relational Life Institute), Esther Perel, Diane Poole Heller (Trauma Solutions), Pat Ogden (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy), Dick Schwartz (Internal Family Systems), Kim John Payne, Jessica Hartung, and more.

Our studio includes:

  • 18ft wide x 20ft deep backdrop
  • Lighting with Q-Led – X – Cross Fade Linear LED Lamps from Quasar Science
  • Wireless monitoring
  • teleprompter
  • Meeting space and makeup area
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 cameras with lenses
  • Access to kitchen
  • Internet access
  • Free parking


The studio is conveniently located within walking distance of the Holiday Inn Hotel, a number of restaurants, and Amante Coffee Shop


We offer basic video studio rental by half or full day that includes backdrop, full lighting setup and makeup area.

We can also provide all-inclusive studio packages that include full lighting setup, teleprompter, makeup artists, Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera and lens packages, and video crew for production and editing.

Studio Rental prices start at $150 for half a day and $250 for full day.

Contact us for equipment rental and filming fees.

Additional Services (depending on availability):

  •  On-Site filming
  • Live Streaming
  • Course Curriculum Development
  • Webinar Funnel Design
  • Zoom Technical Support


Offsite Filming: