Website & Graphic Design

Our team designs and develops websites and online experiences that are both attractive and intelligently structured; they are a joy to use and they leave a lasting impression. We design your site to reflect the culture and vision of your organization, simultaneously ensuring that your site is functional and easily findable. We build interactive systems and applications for managing your online data and content. We also provide full graphic design support including targeted postcard mailings, brochures, catalogs, and all print ads.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Our new and much improved website was launched, the number of our Facebook fans had increased from less than a hundred to two thousand and our business entered into a lucrative contract with a large social media site. Tina Patterson Authentic Asia 
This is a great way to reach your community with relevant, value-added information and special offers. The data that we glean from social media and email marketing can be used for promoting new products, trips, upcoming trainings and provides crucial feedback for refining the marketing strategy.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Also referred to as search engine marketing or SEM, paid search can be one of the most expeditious and effective forms of online marketing. PPC initiatives are most effective with Google AdWords and, since social media has exploded in popularity, with Facebook advertising. Once these campaigns are established, data are generated, and strategy is refined, we can elect to expand the engagement and translate the PPC information to other search engines as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is an art and science to SEO—we have mastered both. Our proprietary link building network and methodology will be set in motion to boost your rankings in organic search engine results. Our SEO work can also leverage your other online marketing activities such as relevant, keyword-rich content generation, blogging, articles, and press release submissions

Direct Response

Working with your previous or existing loyalty or acquisition efforts, our team can develop effective campaigns designed to grow your customer base. From offline tactics like postcards, catalogs, brochures and letter packages, to online initiatives that include websites, microsites, email, banners and more, our team is fully versed in targeting, managing and growing leads. We can also help you with list acquisition, testing and response analysis. With the market being more competitive than ever, integrating a progressive online and direct mail marketing effort will optimize your client base and generate new revenue.

Strategy & Tactical Consulting

We offer ideas and accountability to execute a winning lead generation strategy for both your online and offline marketing efforts. In addition to increasing online traffic, we will explore ways to help fill workshops.  
  Authentic Presence understands that marketing is not a “fire-and-forget” exercise. As such, we support our clients with ongoing optimization and new tactics to keep your marketing program fresh and dynamic as your priorities or environment change.

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